About Uptown

Uptown 23rd in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is located between Broadway Ave. to Pennsylvania Ave. in between 22nd and 24th Streets. Along our historic Route 66 corridor are iconic architectural structures like the Tower Theatre, the Gold Dome, the Milk Bottle building, and The Rise development. Amidst the district, you'll find a cozy cluster of bungalows that offer visitors everything from brand consulting or OKC's best cupcakes, to a new hairstyle and tasty chicken wings. Visitors can do yoga, learn to dance or work out along the corridor. Several local business owners have decades of business stewardship on 23rd Street, lending continuity and history to the area. At the west end, historic Oklahoma City University builds students into the future foundation of Oklahoma’s business and cultural community. 

The Uptown 23rd District Association was formed in 2012 for the express purpose of restoring vibrancy and vitality to NW 23rd Street. The association, a non-profit organized as a 501(c)(4), supports and promotes a wide variety of Uptown businesses. Since its formation, Uptown 23rd has successfully hosted a number of programs and improvements in-district.


Uptown 23rd District Association worked with the Institute for Quality Communities (IQC) at the University of Oklahoma to gather stakeholders to create a plan for improving the Uptown corridor.

The resulting framework is a comprehensive reflection of stakeholder input and it serves as a guide for activities that will make Uptown a place to drive to, instead of a place to drive through.

  • Increasing walkability 

  • Including offering alternative transportation options like biking and bike sharing

  • Improving pedestrian safety across the corridor

Uptown Board 2018-2019

JB Schuelein, President
Cassi Poor, Vice President
Corrie Matchell, Treasurer/Secretary
Chelsea Banks
Chris Lower
Tim Mannin
Ian McDermid
Sean Mossman
Keith Paul
Matt Ralls
John Reisenberg
Kurt Shewmaker
Stephen Tyler

Uptown Staff

Riley Bailey, Executive Director

Chris Cox, Marketing Director